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Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:13 am

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I am a little confused and would like some answers please on the following questions. As of right now, I am only shooting with speedlights.

*Do the cybersyncs come with everything I need to connect them and use them with an SB900, SB600 (besides flashzebra's female hotshoe cybersync, pw, etc, which I bought alreaedy) and for triggering a second camera (besides flashzebra's shutter release cable for nikon, which I also have already), as well as a couple lumopro lp120 flashes?

*If I am not planning to get the cyber commander, than I am correct in thinking that I only need the CSRB and do not need to spend the extra money for the CSRB+? Are there additional features that I would benefit from besides using it with the cyber commander?

*Also, how do the cybersyncs handle hypersync/high speed flash?

*Can the cybersyncs handle what the PW plus II and radio poppers do?

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Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:00 pm

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All CyberSync recievers include a miniphone to miniphone cable, miniphone to 1/4" cable, and a miniphone to PC cable. If you have the appropriate cable for shutter release and appropriate adapter for the flash from Flash Zebra, then nothing else is required. If you do not plan on getting the CyberCommander, then there is no benefit to the + receivers.

CyberSync will not perform HSS/FP. You will be limited to normal sync speeds defined by your camera.

*Can the cybersyncs handle what the PW plus II and radio poppers do?

There are a multitude of functions between these two remotes. RP's are predominately designed for TTL flashes, CyberSyncs are desinged for studio/manual flashes.

PW plus II's have a bunch of features helpful to some, but not to everyone.

All three systems are designed for different target audiences.

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