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Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:33 pm

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The following is a conversation I had with Joe in PCB repair. Great service!

I have a Zeus ringlight that was returned from repair 30 days or so ago. Sorry, I don't have the repair #. When I got the unit back I tested it and it worked flawless. Today I was using it for the first time since it's return and every time I powered on the pack it would trip the outlet.

1. tried 3 different outlets.
2. tried 2 different power cables
3. tried head on both Zeus ports
4. tried 2 different ext. cords

and every time the same out come.

After my shoot I tried it again and no problem at all except a slight burning smell.
Any ideas on what I should try next?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hi Jim,
A quick check of your records show the ZRM1 S/N 1423 was in for repair on 10/28/13. First things to check would be the A&B sockets on the pack and the male pins on the ZRM1 cable. Make sure the contacts all look clean, tight and even. The burning smell you mentioned… was it coming from the pack or the head?? Do you have another Zeus head other than the ZRM1? If so does it function when plugged into the pack?
Without actually seeing the unit my guess is the burning smell could be one of two things… Either there is damaged internal part(s) inside what ever unit smells or something has melted to the modeling lamp or flash tube.
If the problem persists the unit(s) will need to come in for repair. Below is the address to send the unit in for repair. Please include all contact info and description of the problem.


Thanks for your help. Today I recreated yesterday's set with the same failure, but was not in the same rush as yesterday, and noticed that all 3 outlets were GFI. If I plug into any of the GFI outlets it pops the GFI, any non-GFI, no problem at all. As far as the smell it was so slight I should have not mentioned it at all, at my age I tend to smell also.

Thanks again for your help,

That makes sense… the Z2500 pack can draw up to 34 amps at peak during the recycle period. This may spook the GFI in to thinking there is a short and shut down.

Best, Joe

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