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Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:58 pm

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I'm planning on calling this next week about this problem, but being Friday figured I'd post here first in case I'm doing something wrong?

I just received the vml, and have been dealing with this issue out of the box. It's yet to be charged.

When I plug the charger into the inverter to charge, as well as when I plug it directly into the battery, the charger stays lit green rather than switching to red, which indicates the battery is charged. When I turn the unit on, no leds on the face of the inverter light up. Everything's properly connected. If I turn the unit on while plugged in, all led lights light up and the charger flashes between red and green.

No clue what's going on, if I'm doing something incorrectly, or if I received a bad unit. I've searched around here with no luck of coming across anything helpful to this situation. If anyone's had a similar situation, or insight as to maybe try something.. I'd appreciate it. I've had the vagabond and vagabond II, and neither were this mystifying to me.

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Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:22 pm

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It looks to be a bad unit, possibly battery contacts not making good contact. Contact customer service, and they will be able to get that corrected for you promptly.

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