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Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:10 pm

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Hello Folks,

Based on my question, you will see I'm a newb to studio work. I am in the process of putting together some basic equipment for a small home studio to photograph mainly family at this point. Baby's and children will probably be most of my subject models.

I currently have on hand a Buff 30x60 softbox and was looking to add an 86" PLM in white. I'm looking to experiment with mostly very diffused soft light on the little one's. Am I about to nearly duplicate my efforts by adding the white plm?

I also considered the soft silver with a diffusing fabric cover over it. I figured I can get good use out of it with the cover off for outdoor use or inside when more focused and brighter light is needed.

I'm Aware the softbox and the plm throw light very differently. So on the fence with this and unless I had both on hand I am not sure how the white plm and softbox would perform.



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Fri Dec 12, 2014 5:26 pm

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I think you would be hard pressed to see much difference between a giant softbox vs a white PLM. The PLM will be a little larger for more wrap, and more circular in the catch lights and other specular highlights. It may also be marginally more even since it is bounced and white. A white PLM will not be focused like a silver one.

A silver PLM will have more contrast than either, retain the size and shape, and you can add a diffuser to it for softness. This is the modifier I would default to.

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