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Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:58 pm

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Please see ... rFlyer.jpg for current airline restrictions that allow both VML™ and VLX™ portable battery power sources to travel globally.

The VLX™ LiFePO4 battery has been re-certified to meet IATA standards for global passenger travel worldwide. Note that IATA regulations now allow complete VLM™/VLX™ packages, with batteries installed, to be placed in checked baggage, and up to 2 spare batteries per passenger must be carry on luggage.

There is an IATA notation indicating "Operator Approval" which means certain airlines to certain countries may still impose their own restrictions on Lithium Batteries. We suggest you call your airline ahead of travel to make sure they don't have special restrictions beyond the IATA regulations.

Please see for Vagabond info.

Also note that several hundred VLX™ fast recycle/long battery life power supplies have been delivered, but we have yet to see any actual-use reviews or complaints except that some don't like the VLX™ colors. Come on guys and girls, tell us you experiences here.

VLX™ should be a must-have for power shooters.

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Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:36 am

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I recently purchased two VLX along with two Einsteins and other accessories during my visit to USA and was able to bring them with me to Australia.

I was traveling with Air New Zealand and large Lithium ion batteries are on their restricted items list. You can carry them as long as it is less than 160Wh but you need to inform them in advance, So I informed them in advance and also at LA check-in I informed them, they checked VLX to ensure that each battery is less than 160Wh and asked me to keep them in two separate hand luggage. I was carrying all technical information about batteries as well as information from Air New Zealand website and FAA but it was not required. Later TSA scanned my hand luggage, they didn't ask me anything about VLX but they opened and rescanned Einsteins but I was allowed to carry them without any further explanation or issues.

I hope this helps someone.

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Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:05 am

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FYI -- Info from UPS.COM

This relates to UPS shipments. But when you are traveling, contact your airline.

Service Is Limited for Shipments of Lithium Ion Batteries Packaged Without Equipment

Service Update
Posted May 4, 2015

Several passenger and cargo airlines that UPS uses to serve some markets around the world now prohibit shipments of lithium ion batteries packaged without equipment (UN3480, shipped in accordance with Section II of IATA Packing Instruction 965) on their aircraft.

As a result, some countries are no longer available as origins or destinations for these shipments.

Below are the locations where service is unavailable by air for these types of battery shipments. This list is subject to change, and we will provide updated information as it becomes available.
Download Lithium Ion Battery Service Limitations: ... ations.pdf


ETA... ... -proposals

There are other links of interest on that page.

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